Groundwater management in Texas was designed to be driven by the people of Texas. So, what is your desired future for water? Use this tool to share it with the people who represent you.

Start by finding your groundwater district on the map. Then enter the district number in the dropdown menu and we'll send your thoughts to your groundwater district.

Don't see a district in your region? You may live in a "white area" where groundwater is free of regulation. Use this legislator search tool to write your representatives telling them how you think groundwater should be managed.

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In 2016, all groundwater management areas (GMAs) in the State of Texas will be required to submit to the state their Desired Future Conditions, targets for how much groundwater they will aim to have left in 50 years.

The Texas Water Code requires that GMAs develop Desired Future Conditions that "provide a balance between the highest practicable level of groundwater production and the conservation, preservation, protection, recharging, and prevention of waste of groundwater and control of subsidence in the management area."

How these different--and sometimes conflicting--objectives are balanced depends on you.

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If you would like to submit formal comments on Desired Future Conditions, use the form below. This form has been adapted from the Public Comment Form created by Groundwater Management Area 9, and will become part of the public record as your GMA evaluates public comments in the development of its Desired Future Conditions. Each GMA's Desired Future Conditions will be submitted to the Texas Water Development Board in 2016 and will be used by local groundwater districts to decide how much groundwater production to permit.

We will only share your personal details with your groundwater district.