2017 Rainwater Revival School Grant Raffle – September 21 through November 4

Hill Country Alliance’s Rainwater Revival School Grant program supports Texas Hill Country Schools in their efforts to reduce water usage on their campuses and educate students about the importance water conservation. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the 2017 Rainwater Revival Raffle will be awarded directly to Hill Country Schools for the installation and/or maintenance of rainwater harvesting systems and water conservation education programs. 

The online raffle begins September 21st and ends Friday, November 3rd. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase in person at the 2017 Rainwater Revival + Hill Country Living Festival on November 4th and the winners will be drawn and announced before the close of the event. You do not need to be present to win but we hope to see you there!

Raffle tickets: $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00




Raffle prizes are rolling in! Keep checking in to see what great new prizes have been added!

Night Time Astronomy Class for up to 24

Join Amy Jackson for 2 hours under the stars! Learn how to use a telescope, find constellations in the sky, hear star lore stories and observe what is up that night in a 10” telescope.

Expires: November 4, 2018

Value $600

Generously donated by Starry Sky Austin



Wildlife Management Land Pre-Plan Consultation 

A minimum of 2* hours with a Plateau biologist. He/she will assess your land to determine the appropriate management activities for WMV, and an outline of potential activities will be provided.

Value: $595

Generously donated Plateau Land and Wildlife Management



Free 2-night Stay at Cool River Cabin

Two free nights at Cool River Cabin on the Llano River at Native American Seed Farm outside of Junction. 

Two bedroom, two-bath cabin with an additional sleeping loft, fully equipped kitchen, hand-made mesquite wood furniture, washer/dryer, and central air.

Enjoy swimming, fishing, canoeing , kayaking, bird watching, native plants, night sky gazing, hiking, and more!

Value: $558

Generously donated by our friends at Native American Seed



YETI Tundra 65 Hard Cooler

Holds 39 cans, a quartered deer, or a keeper of redfish. Whatever you choose to chill, this top-quality cooler beats out all others by keeping your contents colder for longer , with up to 3 inches of PermaFrost™ Insulation and our ColdLock™ Gasket.

Value $399.95

Generously donated by our friends at Whole Earth Provision Co.



Bracken Bat Cave Experience for 10!

Witness the magical evening emergence of the world’s largest bat colony. Be there as millions of Mexican free-tailed bats spiral out of Bracken Cave and take to the skies.

Expires 11/4/2018

Generously donated by our friends at Bat Conservation International and The Nature Conservancy



Guided Birding and Nature Adventure for 6

Guided Birding and Nature Adventure for 6 with Certified Wildlife Biologist, Romey Swanson, at Texas State Park or location of your choice. Romey is the Conservation Project Manager for Hill Country Conservancy and a Texas Master Naturalist.

Expires: 11/4/2018

Value: Priceless

Generously donated by Romey Swanson



One 150-Gallon Rain Harvesting Tank

The Poly-Mart 150 Gallon Rainwater Harvesting Tank is a great size to store your collected rainwater in ANY residential back yard and is designed to sit below residential fence lines, which is required by some home owners associations. This tank will store 3 times the rainwater as a standard sized rain barrel and will take up the same foot print.

Value: $300

Generously donated by our friends at TreeHouse 



Earth, Moon and Night Sky Porcelain Dinner Plates

Four 11″ hand crafted porcelain dinner plates honoring the Night Sky, the Earth and the Moon. Includes two night sky plates featuring the constellation Ursa Major (the Big Dipper), one Moon plate depicting the near side of the moon, and one Earth plate representing the Atlantic Ocean, Africa and Europe. 

Value $280

Generously donated by artist Henry J. Peake



Guided Kayak Trip for Two on the Llano River

Guided kayak trip for two along the Llano River. Includes basic lessons & natural and cultural interpretation.

Value: $250

Generously donated by our friends at Llano River Region Adventures.



Rum Tasting and Tour for 10

Tasting and Tour for up to 10 and a free bottle of white rum from Hye Rum in Hye, Texas. Hye Rum is a distillery focusing on craft-based rums made with Jamaican and French influence. Crafted by hand in a copperpot still, each batch of rum is specially blended and bottle in small quantities to maximize flavor and quality of a premium spirit.

Value: $250

Generously donated by our friends at Hye Rum



Gift Basket from Pecan Street Brewery

Pecan Street Brewery gift basket containing, 1 empty growler with one free fill, 4 Screw Loose Blonde pint glasses,  2 Screw Loose Blonde T-shirts, 1 bag of PSB Pecan Roasted coffee beans specialty roasted in Gruene, TX, 4 coasters and 1 $50 gift certificate for food & beverage & merchandise at Pecan Street Brewery

Value: $200

Generously donated by our friends at Pecan Street Brewery in Johnson City, TX



Happy Salon Gift Bag

Tote bag from Happy Salon and Spa, an Aveda salon located in Austin, TX. Gift tote includes: Tote bag, Aveda shampoo/conditioner + gift certificate for Glow Facial, Manicure, & BlowOut. 

Value: $150

Generously donated by our friends at Happy Salon and Spa in Austin



Wine Tasting, Tee Shirt, and Two Free Bottles of Wine from Hye Meadow Winery

Certificate for a wine tasting for four people, two free bottles of wine and a tee-shirt from Hye Meadow Winery in Hye, Texas.

Expires 1 year after issue

Value: $137

Generously donated by our friends at Hye Meadow Winery