Tom Arsuffi – Chair,
Director, Llano River Field Station and Research
Texas Tech University at Junction
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John Ashworth
LBG Guyton Associates

Rene Allen Barker, P.G.,
Professional Geologist/Hydrogeologist
Edwards Aquifer Research & Data Center
Texas State University
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Tyson Broad,
Central Texas Water Resource Specialist
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Richard A. Earl, Ph.D.,
Professor of Geography, Water Resources, Climatology, Hydrology
Texas State University
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Ron Green
Institute Scientist
Southwest Research Institute – Department of Earth, Material, and Planetary Sciences
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Weldon W. Hammond Jr., PhD., P.G.,
Emeritus Faculty
University of Texas at San Antonio

Tom Hayes, Ph.D.,
Executive Director and Senior Scientist
Environmental Conservation Alliance
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Tom Hegemier, P.E., WRE, CFM
Senior Project Manager
Doucet and Associates, Inc.
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Clifton Ladd,
Senior Biologist, C.W.B,
Vice President, Environmental Group of Loomis Austin
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Glenn Longley, Ph.D.,
Regional Habitat Conservation Plan Citizen Committee
Professor Aquatic Resources & Biology
Dir. Edwards Aquifer Res. & Data Center
Texas State University
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J. Bruce Morning, Ph.D.,
Freshwater Ecologist

Steve Nelle,
Wildlife Biologist
Natural Resource Conservation Service
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Raymond M. Slade Jr.,
Certified and Registered Professional Hydrologist
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Douglas A. Wierman, P.G.
Professional Geoscientist

Charles “Chock” March Woodruff Jr., Ph.D.,
Engineering Geologist
Woodruff Geologic Consulting, Inc.
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