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2010 Drought News

December 17, 2010 Central Texas in drought again Scarcely a year after one drought ended, another has gripped Central Texas. Parts or all of Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bastrop and Caldwell counties are in a severe drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, a federally funded service that tracks conditions across the country. Read full article here. December 9, 2010 Experts fear Texas heading into another drought State climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon told the Houston Chronicle that continuing dry weather is…

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2010 Transportation Planning News

December 7, 2010 San Antonio West/Southwest Sector Plan 12/14 The City of San Antonio invites you to participate in the first West/Southwest sector planning meeting. December 14th from 6 – 8 pm at the Northside ISD Activity Center. Click here for details. October 19, 2010 Driven Apart – Land Use and Transportation This analysis, once again, shows that many of the assumptions driving big investments of taxpayer dollars that shape our communities are outdated, said CEOs for Cities President and…

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2010 Transmission Line News

December 9, 2010 The Clear View Alliance Perspective CVA was recognized as a meaningful and significant party in the recently completed PUC hearings in Austin. “Speaking about long-term social and ecological costs must have sounded like Greek” reflects Bill Neiman. Read more here. December 8, 2010 Save Our Scenic Hill Country CREZ updates The PUC has ordered cost effective alternatives for two CREZ lines, while progress continues on the big one, McCamey D to Kendall. Routing decision should be made…

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2010 Billboard News

November 18, 2010 Texas’ Rural Billboards Continue Unchecked It seems that every time you drive out of town, a new rural billboard has been built to capture your attention - and spoil the view. Since at last count over 200 Texas cities now prohibit billboard construction, industry growth has moved into the rural areas - exactly where billboards do not belong. Under existing Texas law, no much can be done about proliferating billboards in rural counties. No local county government…

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Starstruck: The quest to save West Texas’ dark night skies

We Texans can thank our lucky stars: We’re blessed with far West Texas and the Big Bend region, where infrequent cloud cover, low humidity, limited air pollution and scant urban sprawl create an astral feast for the eyes. Yet even in this idyllic setting, where the night skies are so pristine it’s like being inside a planetarium, light pollution is creeping in. Read full Texas Co-op Power article.

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