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Hays County Commissioner Will Conley Steps Down To Run For Judge

Hays County Commissioner Will Conley steps down to run for judge

Hays County Commissioner Will Conley is stepping down from his post to seek the Republican nomination for county judge, he announced Tuesday night at a press conference. County Judge Bert Cobb has been on leave since August as he battles cancer. Cobb is not seeking re-election when his term expires in 2018, Conley said. “These are critical times and I’m running for county judge to keep up the fight so our families can enjoy a high quality of life for generations…

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One Family’s Venture In Private Land Conservation: Generation To Generation

One family’s venture in private land conservation: generation to generation

Ninety-seven percent of the land in Texas is privately owned. It is regularly acknowledged that increasing fragmentation of private lands is one of the greatest threats to the sound management of our natural resources, including ground and surface water, wildlife habitat, and the farms, rangelands, and forests that produce our food and fiber. Landowning families experience intense pressure to divide their land into smaller and smaller parcels or to sell their land for development or other purposes, which result in…

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Texas Water Symposium Will Discuss Climate, Water, And The Future Of Central Texas

Texas Water Symposium will discuss climate, water, and the future of Central Texas

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Texas Water Symposium and the opening of the 2017-2018 season with a conversation about climate change and the future of water in Central Texas at 7pm on Thursday, November 9th. The program, titled Climate and Water in Central Texas: Planning for a Changing Resource, will be held at the Schreiner University Cailloux Campus Activity Center Ballroom in Kerrville, Texas. Texas Water Symposium is free and open to the public. Our rapidly growing population, when…

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Pumping Impacts To Devils River

Pumping impacts to Devils River

Video: A geoscience team from Southwest Research Institute recently completed a study on the long-term effects of groundwater pumping near Devils River, one of the state’s last pristine rivers. They found that the river relies heavily on natural springs from the Trinity-Edwards Aquifer in Southwest Texas. The headwaters moved 10 miles downstream since the 1960s. Watch video at

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Commissioner Wolff: High-Speed Rail Transportation ‘Closer Than Ever’ For SA

Commissioner Wolff: High-Speed Rail Transportation ‘Closer Than Ever’ for SA

High-speed passenger rail connecting Texas cities, a promise that seemed to have died after decades of discussion, is back in the conversation as San Antonio squares off against growth and congestion with talk of light rail as a solution that needs only voter support. If you sat in traffic this morning, waited for a bus, or wished for a nonstop flight that doesn’t exist, you can thank Amazon for at least some of the sense of urgency to these conversations. The company’s…

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SAWS Offers Its Customers Discounted Rain Barrels

SAWS offers its customers discounted rain barrels

  Many of us have watched the rain pouring from our rooftops and wished we could save it for a drier day. Now you can! SAWS is offering coupons towards the purchase of a rain barrel for residential water customers. Distribution Event Order by Oct. 20 - Distribution on Nov. 4 from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Concordia Lutheran Church, 16801 Huebner Road. The distribution event option includes an electronic coupon code via email to purchase a rain barrel online at reduced price…

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Oct. 16 Last Day To Comment To Keep Texas Billboards From Doubling To 85 Feet

Oct. 16 last day to comment to keep Texas billboards from doubling to 85 feet

Imagine driving across Texas and seeing billboards suddenly stretching twice as high, marring your view of the landscape. A scenic advocacy group fears this could be the result of proposed new rules from the Texas Department of Transportation. For decades, the maximum height for billboards has stood at 42 1/2 feet. But the proposed rules state that “a sign existing on March 1, 2017 may not be higher than 85 feet.” That’s taller than an 8-story building... Read more from Star-Telegram The…

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Boerne Still Charms But Growth Beckons

Boerne still charms but growth beckons

Natalie Sales had never laid eyes on this small town, nestled in the Hill Country 30 miles northwest of downtown San Antonio, when her husband suggested moving here four years ago, seeking a better quality of life. The couple were raising their two daughters in the Rio Grande Valley, where both had jobs but wanted a change. Sales’ husband had visited Boerne years before and had read about the highly rated Boerne Independent School District. In 2013, the Sales family…

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Water Myths Debunked

Myth: Our water supply is infinite. If only that were true. Remember the water cycle? Evaporation and transpiration, condensation, precipitation. Repeat. Unfortunately, we are limited to the water that is available to us now—the same water that our ancestors drank and the dinosaurs swam in thousands of years before them. There is no new water. We know from the 2017 State Water Plan that our existing water supplies that can be relied on during drought are declining, but population is increasing. That's why…

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