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Ecologist Challenges The Myths About Cedar, Texas’ Most Hated Tree

Ecologist challenges the myths about Cedar, Texas’ most hated tree

Every year, cedar fever descends on Central Texas, and with it comes a deep-seated, Texas-sized hate for the mountain cedar. “Cedar fever is not just any allergy,” wrote Patricia Sharpe in a 1986 issue of Texas Monthly. “It’s a scourge, a plague that smites the just and the unjust who have the misfortune to live anywhere in a broad strip of Central Texas that stretches from the Red River to the Rio Grande.” But red eyes and a scratchy throat…

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$2B Veramendi Development Could Add 7,000 Jobs

$2B Veramendi development could add 7,000 jobs

Nearly a decade into planning and negotiations, the Veramendi master-planned development is “starting to heat up,” according to Stacy Snell, New Braunfels assistant director of planning and community development. At the end of several phases and with an estimated $2 billion value, the mixed-use development will feature a maximum of 6,000 residences; retail, office and commercial spaces; and a city center. City officials and the developer have discussed a new YMCA, a hospital, a college campus and a riverfront resort…

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