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In Latest Development, SOAH Disagrees With Citizen Groups On Proposed Vulcan Quarry

In latest development, SOAH disagrees with citizen groups on proposed Vulcan Quarry

External Article - Press Release from Stop 3009 Vulcan Quarry State Office of Administrative Hearings administrative law judges Rebecca Smith and Victor Simonds rendered a long-awaited decision Tuesday morning in the contested case hearing against Vulcan Construction Materials. In June 2017, Vulcan submitted an air quality permit application to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for a rock crusher at its proposed 1500-acre open-pit limestone quarry between Bulverde and New Braunfels. In late 2018, over 100 individuals, groups, and…

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Underground Lakes Part Of Major New Discoveries At Natural Bridge Caverns

Underground lakes part of major new discoveries at Natural Bridge Caverns

A 19-hour trip deep into the caves at Natural Bridge Caverns in July led to some major new discoveries, including underground lakes and massive rooms. Brad Wuest and Travis Wuest, who own and operate Natural Bridge Caverns, were joined by Bill Steele on their journey into the uncharted portions of the cave. Travertine Passage is one of the new areas the team discovered during their July trip. "I was descending deeper than anticipated into large, never before seen passage. I could…

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San Marcos River Foundation Names New Executive Director

San Marcos River Foundation names new executive director

The San Marcos River Foundation announced its new executive director on Friday. Virginia Parker Condie was selected by the SMRF’s Board of Directors. The SMRF says Condie will provide the foundation with a wide range of experience and a deep passion for the San Marcos River. "(Condie) has already begun attending meetings with me to meet people, even though her first official day of work is not till September 1,” said Dianne Wassenich, the foundation’s outgoing executive director who worked…

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This Land Is Your Land: Local Property Owners In Eminent Domain Battle

This land is your land: Local property owners in eminent domain battle

Few people know much about the issue of eminent domain when it comes to underground pipelines being laid out across the state of Texas. Even fewer people are fighting it. Several Erath County landowners say they are willing to defend their property right, and are willing to go as far as it takes to do so. The steel pipelines are being built not only to transport oil, but also for jet fuel, diesel, natural gas and even electrical lines. Ron…

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