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New snorkel tours offer up-close view of protected San Marcos springs

SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — The springs that once played host to an underwater theme park are now protected, and the group leading conservation efforts at Spring Lake is offering an up-close view of the area’s ecology. The springs that form Spring Lake, the headwaters of the San Marcos River, host a variety of endangered species, including the Texas blind salamander. The health of the springs has a direct impact downstream on popular tubing and swimming spots. “We’re trying to…

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Houston Company Halts Plans For Crude Oil Pipeline Across Aquifer Recharge Zone

Houston company halts plans for crude oil pipeline across aquifer recharge zone

Plans to build a controversial proposed crude oil pipeline over the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone have been canceled, Texas Hill Country landowners and a Houston pipeline company told the Rivard Report on Thursday. Rick Rainey, vice president of public relations for Houston-based Enterprise Product Partners, confirmed the pipeline would not cross over the aquifer recharge zone. The company plans to release additional information about the pipeline on Friday, including where it might move. The decision comes after landowners met with…

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Grand Canyon Is The Dark Sky Place Of The Year. Here’s Why That’s Big

Grand Canyon is the Dark Sky Place of the Year. Here’s why that’s big

Lots of hard work went into making Grand Canyon an even better place to enjoy the night sky in recent years and that effort has been recognized. Grand Canyon National Park has been named Dark Sky Place of the Year by the International Dark-Sky Association. The park earned Dark Sky status in June after a six-year effort to replace nearly 3,500 light fixtures and perform other updates in the 1.2 million-acre park. Grand Canyon is the largest Dark Sky Park in…

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Geneva To Be Plunged Into Darkness (on Purpose) To Expose Light Pollution

Geneva to be plunged into darkness (on purpose) to expose light pollution

Almost 150 municipalities in greater Geneva will hold a planned blackout on Thursday night to raise public awareness of the negative effects of light pollution. Authorities across much of greater Geneva will switch off public lighting on the night of Thursday September 26 for a public awareness event being dubbed “La nuit est belle” (It’s a beautiful night/Nighttime is beautiful). “The initiative aims to raise awareness of the harmful effects of light pollution and also allow our 1 million inhabitants…

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