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Buda OKs Bond Issuance For Regional Water Project

Buda OKs bond issuance for regional water project

The Buda City Council unanimously approved the issuance of $4.37 million in revenue bonds as part of the city’s participation in a regional water supply contract with the Alliance Regional Water Authority (ARWA) at its regular meeting Oct. 15. The project will supply, beginning in 2023, water the city “sorely needs in the future as we continue to grow,” Mayor George Haehn said prior to the vote. Graham Moore, ARWA executive director, told council members prior to the vote that…

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San Marcos Seeks Input On Use Of $24 Million In Federal Disaster Mitigation Funds

San Marcos seeks input on use of $24 million in federal disaster mitigation funds

The city of San Marcos is asking for public input on how to prioritize the $24,012,000 in Community Development Block Grant Mitigation funding it received earlier this year. The online survey can be found here, and paper copies are also available at San Marcos Public Library and San Marcos Activity Center. The deadline to complete the survey is Oct. 31. This type of funding, per a city release, is specifically meant to go towards projects that will prevent or reduce…

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Trinity Aquifer Sustainable Yield Study Receives Strong Support

Trinity Aquifer sustainable yield study receives strong support

On Oct. 22, Hays County approved an interlocal agreement that will involve installation of two groundwater monitor wells near Jacob’s Well and sampling of groundwater in the vicinity of Jacob’s Well. On Oct. 1, Travis County approved the continuation of groundwater study for southwest Travis County. Recent strong support from Hays and Travis Counties provides funding that will help fill critical data gaps for the Trinity Aquifer Sustainable Yield Study. The sustainable yield of an aquifer is the amount of…

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Opinion: Vote ‘No’ On Pipelines In Texas In Coming Elections

Opinion: Vote ‘No’ on pipelines in Texas in coming elections

Another pipeline battle is raging in our backyards. With a major election cycle churning, Texans have the chance to vote out fossil fuel protectors and imagine a new environmental future. The Permian Highway Pipeline, or PHP, has captured fewer headlines than other contentious projects, such as the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. However, those concerned about water quality in Texas and those demanding a decisive shift away from reliance on oil and gas must keep their sights on the…

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New Research Sheds Light On Lunar Phase Impact On White-tailed Deer

New research sheds light on lunar phase impact on white-tailed deer

Conventional wisdom has long held that deer are more active on moonlit nights and most active under a full moon. The day after, the conjecture followed, deer move around less in the daylight. Some hunters staked their outdoors reputations in support of the theory, as well as their ability to fill a freezer full of venison. Companies that publish solar-lunar tables for the use of hunters bet their businesses on it. After last weekend’s general hunting season opener coincided with…

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25,000 Gallons Of Sewage Spills Into Bull Creek In Austin, Reports Say

25,000 gallons of sewage spills into Bull Creek in Austin, reports say

Approximately 25,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled into Bull Creek near Old Spicewood Springs Road on Saturday, according to Austin Water. The water utility updated KXAN that crews should be working on removing excess sewer water from the creek until Monday afternoon. Austin Water explained to KXAN that this sewage spill was not the result of any illegal activity, but rather the gradual buildup of things which are not supposed to go down sinks and toilets (grease, rags, wipes, etc.)…

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City Of San Marcos Joins Litigation Against Federal Agencies Regarding Permian Hwy Pipeline

City of San Marcos joins litigation against federal agencies regarding Permian Hwy Pipeline

The City of San Marcos has joined the cities of Kyle and Austin and the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District and the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association in filing a lawsuit against federal agencies regarding Kinder Morgan’s pipeline. On Tuesday, the San Marcos City Council held an executive session to receive legal counsel regarding the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. According to the City of San Marcos, “The San Marcos City Council, in a unanimous vote, has authorized environmental attorney William S.…

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How Flagstaff, Arizona, Switched To LEDs Without Giving Astronomers A Headache

How Flagstaff, Arizona, switched to LEDs without giving astronomers a headache

“I feel like we’re protecting the last tree, in a way.” That’s what Flagstaff, Arizona, city council member Austin Aslan said at a recent meeting. The subject of that earnest statement might surprise you: it was streetlights. To be more specific, he was talking about a careful effort to prevent streetlights from washing out the stars in the night sky. Flagstaff became the first city to earn a designation from the International Dark Sky Association in 2001. That came as a result…

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We Say “Imagine A Day Without Water,” But In The Future This Could Be A Reality We Face

We say “Imagine a day without water,” but in the future this could be a reality we face

Did you know that the State Demographer estimates 250 people a day (yes, that's every day!) move to the Hill Country?  Would it surprise you that none of them are bringing their own water? The state water plan projects a water deficit of 2,897,404,528,608 gallons by year 2070!  In order to protect our economic vitality and unique ecology, HCA is working with other water user groups like your local utilities, groundwater districts, and others on the Texas State Water Plan…

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Our Area, Our Culture And Our ‘First Freedoms’

Our area, our culture and our ‘First freedoms’

Last week, I had the opportunity to represent our fine town on a media panel as part of the Hill Country Alliance Leadership Summit held at Camp Lucy near Dripping Springs. Several other Fredericksburgers were there to represent their interests in keeping this beautiful Hill Country from being overrun with development, and helping keep our waters clean, our night skies clear and our land in its native state (as much as possible). HCA focuses on all these issues, while being…

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