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NRI publishes Status Update and Trends of Texas Working Lands 1997-2017

The new Texas Land Trends report Status Update and Trends of Texas Working Lands 1997–2017, produced by NRI, has now been published. Land-trends reports have informed private and public landowners and decision-makers for more than two decades. “With this report, we are able to examine new patterns and identify trends following the release of the Census of Agriculture datasets by the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service,” said Roel Lopez, Ph.D., director of the NRI. This most recent…

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Report: Austin And San Antonio Best In Texas For Fighting Water Pollution With Nature-based Infrastructure

Report: Austin and San Antonio best in Texas for fighting water pollution with nature-based infrastructure

Amid ongoing problems with water pollution and flooding, cities across Texas are turning to nature-based infrastructure. San Antonio and Austin lead the way, followed closely by Harris County, according to a new report by Environment Texas Research and Policy Center, which ranks local governments across Texas on how well their stormwater policy incorporates nature-based infrastructure, like rain gardens and green roofs. “Nature-based infrastructure, from rain gardens to constructed wetlands, helps keep Texans safe,” said Anna Farrell-Sherman, Clean Water Associate with…

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Fireflies Have A Mating Problem: The Lights Are Always On

Fireflies have a mating problem: The lights are always on

These are tough times for fireflies. Like a lot of other insects, they face increasing threats from habitat loss, pesticides and pollution. But they also have a problem that’s unique to luminous bugs: It’s getting harder for them to reproduce because light pollution is outshining their mating signals. Fireflies, it turns out, use their special glowing powers in courtship: Males light up to signal availability and females respond with patterned flashes to show that they’re in the mood. But bright…

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TPW Commission Approves Rule Changes To Assist With Growth Of Managed Lands Deer Program

TPW Commission Approves Rule Changes to Assist with Growth of Managed Lands Deer Program

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission has approved changes to the Managed Lands Deer Program (MLDP), which provides landowners and land managers with additional flexibility to manage deer populations, improve habitats, and provide greater hunting opportunities under the guidance of department biologists. The approved changes include clarifying existing program provisions and establishing fees for participation in the growing program. “In the last 20 years the MLDP has grown from 800 tracts of land on 3 million acres to more than…

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Petition Circulates Against Relief Route

Petition circulates against relief route

A petition to stop the Texas Department of Transportation’s technically preferred route around Fredericksburg is being distributed. Citizens for an Informed Relief Route (CIRR), a local group that has been active in relief route conversations, created this petition after a “No Build” option wasn’t presented in the most recent relief route open house on Tuesday, Jan. 14. Gary Saucier, who created CIRR, feels “most of the county citizens are unaware or not in favor” of TxDOT’s proposed route. The petition…

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