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TGR Board Seeks To Fill Two Board Slots

TGR Board seeks to fill two board slots

The Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District (TGR) was created for the purpose of conserving, preserving, recharging, protecting and preventing waste of groundwater from the Trinity Aquifer within the District. TGR is a political subdivision of the State of Texas. Its mission is to conserve and protect the Trinity Group of Aquifers within the District using sound science, best management practices, community involvement and peer partnerships to preserve the resource for future generations. ​ TGR is seeking interested persons for…

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Accepting & Loving A River

Accepting & loving a river

The Nueces River is vast, even by Texas standards. It starts high up on the Edwards Plateau. Sourced by emerald, spring-fed creeks in Edwards and Real Counties, the Nueces River cuts through the rocky Hill Country before pivoting amidst the South Texas Brush Country, onward toward the coastal prairie; it pauses at Lake Corpus Christi, before it ultimately empties into the Gulf of Mexico at Nueces Bay. Few, if any, know this river better than Sky Lewey. Born in Uvalde,…

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Locals Shaken By Growing Rock Mining Industry In Williamson County, Push For Reform

Locals shaken by growing rock mining industry in Williamson County, push for reform

Williamson County is home to the most rock mining operations in Texas, which has led community members to seek stronger regulations as the negative impacts of the industry move closer to home. The county currently has 34 such operations, according to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality data, and these operations are continuing to grow at a rapid rate across the state. Read more from Ali Linan with Community Impact here.

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2020 Election Recap: Florida County Overwhelmingly Supports Granting Legal Rights To Rivers

2020 Election recap: Florida county overwhelmingly supports granting legal rights to rivers

Residents of Orange County, Florida, voted overwhelmingly in favor of changing the county charter to give legal protection to rivers. The result was one of a handful across the country in which voters endorsed new protections for waterways or property taxes that will fund water projects. Voters in Utah and Wyoming also approved constitutional amendments that fix technical matters related to municipal water supply and water infrastructure spending. Read more from Brett Walton with Circle of Blue here.

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The Power Of The Outdoors: Embracing Cultura Y Familia With Latino Outdoors Leaders Josie Gutierrez And Bianca Guevara

The power of the outdoors: Embracing cultura y familia with Latino Outdoors leaders Josie Gutierrez and Bianca Guevara

A conversation with Josie Gutierrez and Bianca Guevara will make you believe anything is possible—especially when the following are in play: 1) a passion for the outdoors, 2) a love of community, and 3) the hard work of dedicated volunteers. Both Gutierrez and Guevara are leaders in Latino Outdoors (LO) Texas, an organization that inspires, connects, and engages Latino communities in the outdoors and envisions a world where all Latino communities enjoy nature as a safe, inclusive, and welcoming place.…

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Can Texas Stop Its Taps Running Dry?

Can Texas stop its taps running dry?

In many ways, the story of Texas over the last century is the state’s devout allegiance to the principle that mankind has dominion over nature. The COVID-19 pandemic shut down that idea in 2020. By 11 October, nearly 800,000 people had been infected in Texas and over 16,000 died. The sharp and irrepressible rise in virus cases and mortality adds to the intensifying view among Texans that far from living in a place distant from the vagaries of nature, Texas…

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Biodiversity Study Reveals Promising Ways To Mitigate Monarch Population Loss

Biodiversity study reveals promising ways to mitigate monarch population loss

San Marcos participated in a community-based biodiversity study that revealed where native pollinator habitats can be placed to best aid in the conservation of monarch butterflies, a species in crisis. The San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department is among the three participants of the September 2020 “Parks for Pollinators” Bioblitz randomly selected winners of the national competition. Read more from Lionel Ramos with The University Star here.

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Dripping Springs Cannot Discharge Treated Wastewater Into Onion Creek Tributary, Texas Court Rules

Dripping Springs cannot discharge treated wastewater into Onion Creek tributary, Texas court rules

The 459th Texas District Court has reversed a wastewater discharge permit issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) commissioners to the City of Dripping Springs. The discharge permit, which was issued on Feb. 27, 2019, allowed the City to begin expansion of its wastewater treatment plant and address the area’s growing wastewater needs. The KVUE Defenders reported on the situation in February 2019 when the permit was announced and again in June 2019 when attorneys with Save Our…

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SOS Wins; Judge Reverses Permit That Allowed Dripping Springs To Discharge Into Onion Creek

SOS wins; Judge reverses permit that allowed Dripping Springs to discharge into Onion Creek

Today, Travis County District Court Judge Maya Guerra Gamble struck down a state permit authorizing the City of Dripping Springs to discharge over 800,000 gallons per day of treated sewage into Onion Creek, a prestine water body that is a recharge source for Barton Springs and the Edwards Aquifer. The ruling was made in response to an appeal filed by the Save Our Springs Alliance. After the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) approved Dripping Springs’ requested permit, the SOS…

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Annette Lee To Present Keynote At 2020 Global Conference

Annette Lee to present keynote at 2020 global conference

We are very pleased to announce that Annette Lee will be a keynote speaker at the International Dark-Sky Association 2020 Global Conference. The virtual conference will take place on November 13-14. Sessions will happen across the 24 hour period in three time zones. Annette’s keynote discussion will set the stage for a worldwide conversation about the environmental and cultural threat that light pollution poses to people who have been inadequately represented in the effort to protect the night. The conference…

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