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It’s (past) Time To Save Our Rural Land Heritage

It’s (past) time to save our rural land heritage

On Tuesday, May 11, 2021, from 6:00 – 7:00pm, the Comal County Conservation Alliance (CCCA) will host an evening program on “Saving our Rural Land Heritage.” Guest speakers are David K. Langford of the Hillingdon Ranch in Kendall County, and Rob and Teresa Ohlrich Johnson of the JO Ranch in Comal County. They will tell their stories about their families’ use of conservation easements as a tool to preserve their families’ land and ranching heritage along with the natural and…

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Graphic Documentary Shines Light On Wildlife Killing Contests

Graphic documentary shines light on wildlife killing contests

San Antonio’s Pam Harte felt compelled to tackle the controversial issue of wildlife killing contests after witnessing the weigh-in at one Texas’ biggest killing competitions in 2018. The episode moved Pam and her husband Will Harte, who now live and work on a storied West Texas ranch outside Fort Davis, to help underwrite and serve as executive producers of a graphic, 25-minute documentary that addresses the controversial issue of wildlife killing contests in Texas and beyond. Read more from Monika…

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Boerne, Texas, Is A Hill Country Hideaway

Boerne, Texas, is a Hill Country Hideaway

Texas is good at keeping its gems hidden. It secures many of them far, far away from city limits, down long deserted roads or secluded in dusty corners, and if you want to find them, you're better off wandering in a rented Mustang convertible than following instructions on any laptop or smartphone. "There's really nothing special out that way," people will tell you. Only a fool would believe them. What they mean is, there's nothing out there except grand little…

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Bill Neiman’s Native American Seed Farm In The Texas Hill Country Is On A Mission To Help People Restore The Earth.

Bill Neiman’s Native American Seed Farm in the Texas Hill Country is on a mission to help people restore the earth.

Mid-September, half a year before Texas wildflower season starts, and it’s been terribly dry and horribly hot at the Native American Seed Farm northeast of Junction. The rains of spring and summer pretty much quit back in June. This morning, in the dark, Bill Neiman has a meeting with his workers. It’s time to irrigate the grasses from the river. They can’t wait for rain if they want to have seeds to harvest. Seeds were the reason Neiman — a lean, wiry…

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Calling All Birders: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service And Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Need Citizen Scientists

Calling all birders: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department need citizen scientists

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are asking citizen scientists to help monitor black-capped vireos from April 10th to July 1 at Inks Lake State Park and Lost Maples State Natural Area in Texas. The previously endangered black-capped vireo has made a remarkable comeback thanks to the efforts of several conservation partners, which led to its removal from the Endangered Species List in 2018. When the black-capped vireo was listed, only 350 birds…

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Analysis: The Fight Over Local Control Turns To Representation — And Lobbyists

Analysis: The fight over local control turns to representation — and lobbyists

Efforts to bar local governments from hiring outside lobbyists or joining associations that lobby the state government are gaining steam, after falling short two years ago. If Texas lawmakers go ahead with current proposals, they’ll be hurting small towns more than big cities, and rural counties more than urban ones. Read more from Ross Ramsey with The Texas Tribune here.

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Texas Lawmakers Want To Prevent Another Power Crisis. But The Legislation Doesn’t Go Far Enough To Do That, Critics Say.

Texas lawmakers want to prevent another power crisis. But the legislation doesn’t go far enough to do that, critics say.

Both the Texas Senate and House have written bills that attempt to prevent another massive power failure in extreme temperatures. But parts of their legislative proposals are drawing criticism for not going far enough to prepare electricity infrastructure for increased risks posed by climate change. And critics are also wary that some measures would leave enforcement of the mandated upgrades to the Public Utility Commission without increasing its funding or resources to do the job. Read more from Erin Douglas…

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Nature-based Infrastructure Bill Headed To House Floor As Legislative Session Continues

Nature-based infrastructure bill headed to House floor as Legislative session continues

Texas State Rep. Erin Zwiener (D-Driftwood) presented several house bills for the 87th Texas Legislative Session in committees this week, one of which is heading to the house floor. Zwiener presented House Bill 48 to the House International Relations and Economic Development Committee and House Bills 2344 and 2350 to the House Public Education Committee and House Natural Resources Committee, respectively. Read more from Stephanie Gates with San Marcos Daily Record here. 

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House Bill 3883: Good Legislation For The Hill Country

House Bill 3883: Good legislation for the Hill Country

NOTE: Although this article was written for a Kendall County audience, the bill itself would apply throughout the Hill Country Priority Groundwater Management Area (PGMA), covering all of Bandera, Blanco, Gillespie, Kendall, and Kerr Counties, as well as parts of Bexar, Comal, Hays, and Travis Counties.  The citizens of Kendall County who are directly affected by the ever-increasing growth of recent years have been heard. Hearing concerns about crowded roads, schools and the ever-increasing taxes that fall on citizens to…

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SJWTX Updates Drought-management Plan To Align With Regional Water-planning Efforts

SJWTX updates drought-management plan to align with regional water-planning efforts

In an email to customers on Thursday, the comany announced it has updated its Drought Management Plan to promote resource conservation and align with regional water-planning efforts. The utility said it is trying to balance the area’s growing demand for water against the challenges of a dry climate. Read more from Stephanie Johnson with My Canyon Lake here. 

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