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Bipartisan Wildlife Proposal Would Enhance Fish And Wildlife, Add Jobs, And Grow Businesses In Texas

Bipartisan wildlife proposal would enhance fish and wildlife, add jobs, and grow businesses in Texas

During the pandemic, Texans headed back to nature in record numbers, with more people visiting state parks, hunting, fishing, and boating than ever before. A new congressional proposal aims to tap that exploding interest by investing more than $50 million per year in Texas for wildlife recovery and related public education and recreation, a move expected to boost the state’s already booming nature-based economy into overdrive. The bipartisan Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, H.R.2773, would provide $1.4 billion to state and…

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Economic Benefits Report From Great Springs Project

Economic Benefits Report from Great Springs Project

With the expert guidance of Alta Planning + Design and National Park Service, Great Springs Project is proud to present the Economic Benefits Report for the trail from the Alamo to the Capitol to quantify the financial return from the 100+-mile trail network and 50,000 conserved acres of land in the GSP corridor. The report includes economic, health, environmental, and transportation cost savings as well as climate change data including carbon sequestration.   For more details and to read the full report from the…

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Wildlife Disease Threatens Deer, Elk – And Maybe Humans, New Research Says

Wildlife disease threatens deer, elk – and maybe humans, new research says

The continuing spread of a fatal wildlife disease in Alberta and Saskatchewan has a federal agency recommending a deer cull across a wide swath of the Prairies. And soon-to-be-published research on chronic wasting disease has raised new fears about whether the illness could infect humans. “I would say this question was answered with ‘yes,’ ” said Hermann Schaetzl, a veterinary scientist at the University of Calgary.   Read more about chronic wasting disease from Bob Weber with The Canadian Press…

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A Drought So Dire That A Utah Town Pulled The Plug On Growth

A drought so dire that a Utah town pulled the plug on growth

The mountain spring that pioneers used to water their hayfields and that filled people’s taps flowed reliably into the old cowboy town of Oakley for decades. So when it dwindled to a trickle in this year’s scorching drought, officials took drastic action to preserve their water: They stopped building. During the coronavirus pandemic, the real estate market in their 1,750-person city boomed as remote workers flocked in from the West Coast and second homeowners staked weekend ranches. But those newcomers…

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Comal County Group, Hays County Neighbors Aim To Spare Some Nature From Sprawl

Comal County group, Hays County neighbors aim to spare some nature from sprawl

People are flocking to the Texas Hill Country for its lush and rolling hills, so some in Comal and Hays counties are working together to preserve it. The Comal County Conservation Alliance recently held a virtual meeting with Hays County Precinct 3 Commissioner Lon Shell. Shell talked about Hays County’s Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee, which supported a bond to preserve land from excessive development. Both counties’ conservation efforts for the past several years have included 2,382 acres of…

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Thousands Of Residences, Lots More Planned For New Marble Falls Community

Thousands of residences, lots more planned for new Marble Falls community

A North Texas developer is gearing up to break ground on the first phase of a transformative mixed-use project in Marble Falls, which eventually could bring nearly 2,000 homes, hundreds of apartments, commercial space and sports fields to the Hill Country city. Centurion American Development Group, based in Farmers Branch outside Dallas, is spearheading the 1,100-acre Thunder Rock development, which is located at the northwest corner of U.S. Highway 281 and State Highway 71, about 50 miles northwest of Austin.…

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Lege+water: June 2021 Update

lege+water: June 2021 Update

Every month during the 87th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature, Dr. Todd Votteler and Dr. Robert Mace have brought you an update on water-related legislation. And while not one, but two special sessions lie ahead on the horizon (redistricting, federal COVID-19 recovery funds, and voting), there is no guarantee that water legislation will be added to the list of subjects that Governor Abbott deems worthy of discussion and action (however, by adding more subjects to a special session, the…

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Texas Reimagines The Fight Against Floods

Texas reimagines the fight against floods

For more than 60 years, the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) has been tasked with leading Texas efforts in securing the state’s water supply through the conservation and development of Texas’ water resources. The agency’s framework for fulfilling this mission combines the three key functions of science, planning, and financing.   Read more from Peter Lake in the Texas Water Journal here.

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What’s A 100-year Flood? A Hydrologist Explains

What’s a 100-year flood? A hydrologist explains

A 100-year flood, like a 100-year storm, is one so severe it has only a 1% chance of hitting in any given year. Unfortunately, many people believe that if they experienced a 100-year flood this year, they will not see another one like it for 99 years. It just doesn’t work that way. In reality, the chance of being flooded next year, and the year after that, is the same as it was when the house flooded the first time…

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