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Monarch Observers Expect Largest Migration In A Decade

Monarch Observers Expect Largest Migration in a Decade

Monarch butterflies are heading to San Antonio in a year that could claim the largest migration in a decade. Based on robust activity in the monarchs’ primary Midwestern breeding grounds, Monarch Watch founder and expert Chip Taylor predicted “the migration should be the strongest since 2008.” Taylor shared the promising outlook in a recent population update on the monarch butterfly conservation organization’s blog. Read more from the Rivard Report.

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New Study: Riparian Buffers Provide Over $10,000/year/acre In Reducing Erosion, Flooding, Increased Water Purification, Habitat, Property Values, More

New Study: Riparian buffers Provide over $10,000/year/acre in reducing erosion, flooding, increased water purification, habitat, property values, more

A new study released Wednesday found just one acre of riparian forested buffer results in more than $10,000 in annual economic benefits, including reducing erosion and flooding, increasing water purification, wildlife habitat and property values. The study-- The Economic Value of Riparian Buffers in the Delaware River Basin-- was prepared by ECONorthwest for the Delaware RiverKeeper Network. Specifically, the report looks at the value riparian buffers provide in the areas of water quality, carbon storage, air quality, flood prevention, property…

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Hill Country Browse

Hill Country browse

The Texas Hill Country has the highest density of shrub-eating animals in the United States. Texas is home to about 4 million white-tailed deer, and about half of them live in the Hill Country and Edwards Plateau. In addition, Texas is home to more than 2 million goats, sheep and exotics, and the majority of these live in the Hill Country. These animals depend on browse, the leaves and tender twigs of woody plants, as an important part of their…

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Economic Valuation Of Groundwater In Texas

Economic valuation of groundwater in Texas

Groundwater is a strategic economic asset, and recent Texas Supreme Court decisions have strengthened private ownership rights in groundwater. Despite the economic and political stakes, debate on how to actually value groundwater has been sparse. In response, this article sets forth seven methods of economically valuing groundwater in Texas and uses case studies and hypotheticals informed by real data to assess the valuation techniques’ strengths and weaknesses under a range of conditions... Read more from the Texas Water Journal  

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Prince Charles says people’s connection with countryside is dying

"Prince Charles has warned that the majority of people have 'lost any real connection with the land' as he outlined his concerns about the future of the countryside. He stressed the benefits to the wider economy of the countryside's 'ecosystem services' - with meadows and other grasslands storing millions of tonnes of carbon, providing homes for pollinating insects, supporting the agricultural economy and areas of beauty attracting visitors to boost local tourism." These issues translate here in the Texas Hill…

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EPA Releases EnviroAtlas Ecosystem Mapping Tool

May 27, 2014 WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today released EnviroAtlas, a web-based interactive tool that integrates over 300 separate data layers, helps decision makers understand the implications of planning and policy decisions on our fragile ecosystems and the communities who depend on goods and services from these ecosystems. EnviroAtlas is designed for people from all levels of government, professionals, researchers, educators, non-governmental organizations, and anyone interested in considering the benefits or impacts of a decision, such…

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