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“Transferring Water From One Area To Another Has Social And Environmental Consequences”

“Transferring water from one area to another has social and environmental consequences”

Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter: TAKE ACTION! “House Bill 3298 is set to be debated on the Texas House floor Thursday, May 7 – the bill would direct the state’s water planning agency to evaluate how to establish and operate a state water conveyance network – a massive plumbing system of pipelines, pumping stations, reservoirs, and other infrastructure to move large amounts of water around Texas. "Transferring water from one area to another has social and environmental consequences" - Con…

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Citizen Referendums Are Fundamental To Democracy

Citizen referendums are fundamental to democracy

Texas League of Conservation Voters urges “NO” votes on HB 2595. Home rule cities have enormous powers to govern.  But in circumstances when governing bodies are not acting—or are slow to act—initiatives have proven useful tools for VOTERS to enact local ordinances and legislate a city’s activities. From the Texas League of Conservation Voters: How It Works: HB 2595 proposes to restrict a city’s ability to accept a voter initiated referendum or ballot initiative. It specifically precludes a city’s ability…

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Kramer: Water Grid Proposal Not Right For Texas

Kramer: Water grid proposal not right for Texas

  Critical vote Thursday, May 7th: Many Texans find satisfaction in being different from California. But a new legislative proposal would have Texas follow the deeply flawed California model of massive and costly pumping of water all over the state. This approach leads to crisis management when the “wet” areas of the state face an extended drought, and communities relying on imported water are left high and dry. House Bill 3298 by state Rep. Lyle Larson (R-San Antonio) and Senate…

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Lawmakers Move To Speed Permits And Limit Protests

Lawmakers move to speed permits and limit protests

Hill Country landowners already have very little to say about industrial projects upstream. “The bill would scale back contested-case hearings, a process that allows the public to scrutinize and challenge industrial applications for environmental permits, such as those allowing wastewater discharges or air pollution emissions.” Sadly, this legislation passed since this posting... Texas is poised to widen its welcome mat to a wide range of industries. Claiming that the state's bureaucracy is shooing away businesses, House lawmakers on Thursday night…

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Legislation would limit public’s ability to challenge pollution permits

Legislation currently making its way through both the Texas House and Senate would have serious consequences for the general public to challenge pollution permits at the TCEQ. Contested case hearings are typically the best way for landowners to question those applying for permits at the TCEQ, and to have an impartial ruling from a judge. Contested cases are cropping up in the Hill Country, where explosive growth is increasingly pitting long-time landowners against subdivisions and non-compatible uses like industrial operations,…

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