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A New Web-based Land-use Tool Is Available At The Texas Land Trends Website

A new web-based land-use tool is available at the Texas Land Trends website

“Snelgrove said users can view 15-year trends in private working lands for such metrics as land use, market value, ownership size and population by county, river basin, eco-region or region of interest. They can also choose different regional areas to make side-by-side comparisons of  different metrics used.” By: Paul Schattenberg Texas A&M AgriLife The October 2014 Texas Land Trends report described key findings of changes in land use, ownership size and property values of rural working lands alongside population changes…

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EAA Recognizes TerraScena As “Aquifer Smart” Community

EAA recognizes TerraScena as “Aquifer Smart” community

TerraScena is a new 100% rainwater harvesting community in Dripping Springs. In addition to rainwater harvesting, the community focuses on green building materials and preserved natural green spaces. The Edwards Aquifer Authority has recently recognized TerraScena as an "aquifer smart community." TerraScena is open on weekends from Noon to 4 PM or by appointment to tour the first of 15 homes.  Sustainable homebuilders, architects, realtors, their clients and the public are invited to explore the development in a Hill Country…

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‘Tiny House Compound’ In Texas Goes Viral As ‘Bestie Row’

‘Tiny House Compound’ in Texas Goes Viral as ‘Bestie Row’

Fred Zipp was an editor of the Austin-American Statesman for 32 years. So when it came time for him and some friends to build a series of vacation homes outside Austin, alongside the Llano River, he was well aware of the conservation and environmental issues facing the region. Zipp, his wife Jodi, and three other couples turned to the "little house movement" that champions smaller living spaces for inspiration. They partnered with Austin-based architect Matt Garcia for a "compound" of…

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The Steep Costs Of Living So Far Apart From Each Other

The steep costs of living so far apart from each other

In strictly economic terms, sprawl is inefficient. Spread people out, and it takes them longer to drive where they need to go, and it costs them more in gas money to get there. Disperse a few people over a lot of land, and that land is used inefficiently, too. Then give those people roads and sewers — you’d need a lot more of both to serve 20 households living over a square mile than 20 on the same block. And…

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Rock Crushing Operation Planned For Blanco County- Public Encouraged To Comment By April 17

Rock Crushing Operation Planned for Blanco County- Public Encouraged to Comment by April 17

This Friday, April 17th will be the final day for the public to make comments regarding a sand and gravel operation currently seeking a permit to operate along the banks of the Pedernales River. The facility would be permitted to produce more than 500,000 tons of rock, sand and gravel and would be located roughly 1,000 feet from the Pedernales River- one of the Hill Country's most pristine river systems. Stakeholders concerned about the dust, particulate matter, runoff, noise and…

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Victory in Comal County

by Annalisa Peace, Executive Director, GEAA Dear GEAA members and friends, I can’t tell you how pleased I was this morning to join the citizens of Comal County in giving a standing ovation to Judge Krause and the Comal County Commissioners for unanimously voting to deny the Meyers Ranch Water Quality Improvement District.   If approved, this WCID would have paved the way for putting 1,500 houses on 700 acres in an unincorporated and sparsely populated area of Comal County –…

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Texas suburbs are growing faster than cities

Counties are growing at extremely high rates, in part because of the lack of land use planning ability outside of our cities. This trend has tremendous costs to tax-payers for basic infrastructure needs such as roads, water and schools. “Hays County, just south of Austin, is projected to be the fastest-growing county, by percentage, in all of Texas by 2050” Read more from the Austin Business Journal. Learn more about County Planning authority here.

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We need smart growth

Op-Ed by Ron Walton Printed in the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung I am writing as a private citizen as I do a monthly solicited letter to editor as a public official as the Comal/Guadalupe County elected volunteer for the Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA) board of Directors, District 9, having served since election in 2010 and re-election in 2014, to serve through 2018. It continues to be a privilege to serve you and to be a licensed real estate broker with my…

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