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Proaction Needed For Water Stewardship

Proaction needed for water stewardship

Local water resources grabbed state-level attention at the Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District last week. State Rep. Kyle Biedermann and his environmental policy analyst, Larry Bailey, joined Boerne Mayor Tim Handren in addressing the CCGCD directors and asking for their help in advocating for responsible water stewardship. “My staff and I have been working closely with elected officials, experts and the public in my district regarding future water plans regarding the significant increase in growth,” Biedermann said. Bailey shared information…

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Travis County Commissioners Delay Approving RV Park Proposal Near Hamilton Pool Preserve As Residents Raise Concern

Travis County commissioners delay approving RV park proposal near Hamilton Pool Preserve as residents raise concern

Important Update: Despite last week's decision (discussed in article below) to delay voting on this agenda item, the Travis County Commissioners Court will be meeting on Tuesday, 12/17/19 at 9 AM to discuss the Bentree RV proposal AGAIN. Learn more here.  For the second week in a row, dozens of Dripping Springs residents filled the Travis County Commissioners Court chambers, prepared to speak in opposition to a proposed RV park at 401 Stagecoach Ranch Road, less than a half mile…

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Hays County Plans To Transform El Rancho Cima Into Public Park Along Blanco River

Hays County plans to transform El Rancho Cima into public park along Blanco River

HAYS COUNTY, Texas -- It's something many Wimberley residents have been aching for: a public park with waterfront access. Hays County has the ability to secure 533 acres of El Rancho Cima El Rancho Cima is a nearly 2,400 acre property County might use land for public park Now, that dream could finally come to fruition. Hays County has the ability to secure 533 acres of El Rancho Cima, with land on both sides of the Blanco River. This purchase would give the public…

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House Bill Opens Tap For WCID3 Despite Opposition

House bill opens tap for WCID3 despite opposition

On May 22, HB 1806 was voted through by the Texas Senate, clearing the way for the San Antonio Water System to sell 1,500 acre feet of water across county lines from Bexar into Kendall. Despite vigorous and organized opposition by local leaders - including Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District chairman Milan J. Michalec, who protested the bill before committee members in Austin – HB1806 will reverse water management law established in 1993. After its passage, Michalec spoke strongly against…

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Local Official Opposes State Water Bill In Austin Hearing

Local official opposes state water bill in Austin hearing

Last week Boerne’s Milan Michalec, chairman of Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District, was in Austin speaking against House Bill 1806. Authored by Senator Donna Campbell, HB 1806 was the subject of a public hearing in the Agriculture, Water and Rural Affairs committee. It is intended to authorize the San Antonio Water System to sell water into particular, adjacent counties. One of only three of the seven committee members were present for the hearing, Dist. 18 Senator Lois Kolkhorst spoke, objecting…

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Cow Creek Leader Reveals Suspicions Of WCID Creation

Cow Creek leader reveals suspicions of WCID creation

Milan Michalec, president of the board of the Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District, will address Boerne’s City Council on Tuesday night to question the propriety of WCID No. 3. Michalec describes shortfalls in the process as “egregious” and “secretive,” and believes that Senate Bill 914, which triggered WCID No. 3, should be repealed. With a single public notice printed in a December 2016 issue of the San Antonio Express-News, SB 914 was filed on Feb. 15, 2017, and later approved…

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Commentary: Legislation Not Good For Kendall County

Commentary: Legislation not good for Kendall County

Milan J. Michalec | Boerne Star | An Open Letter to Sen. Campbell and Rep. Biedermann, I have been following and actively commenting on SB 2273 to create Kendall County Water Control and Improvement District (WCID) No. 4 by (Sen. Donna) Campbell since it was filed on April 12. Despite my best efforts to offer testimony during the “Public Hearing” before the Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations, this bill was voted out of committee favorably. Characterized as “local and noncontroversial”…

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Lawmakers Working To Create Special Districts To Fuel Boerne-area Growth

Lawmakers working to create special districts to fuel Boerne-area growth

Developers behind two large subdivisions proposed in Kendall County are asking the Legislature to create a pair of special districts to help finance construction of roads and other infrastructure. Some residents are upset over not being alerted earlier by state and local officials who knew of the legislation since the start of the year. Worries about new growth hastening the depletion of groundwater in Kendall County were tempered by word the developers are exploring out-of-county water sources rather than drilling…

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Legislature Considering Special Use Water District

Legislature considering special use water district

Jessica Goode | Boerne Star | Slipping in with the proposition of a new development, another special purpose water district is on the Texas legislative floor. If it passes, Senate Bill 914, sponsored by Republican Senator Donna Campbell, will create the Kendall County Water Control and Improvement District No. 3 and grant a limited power of eminent domain, provide authority to issue bonds and authorize the imposition of assessments, fees and taxes. The Biedenharn Ranch, off Scenic Loop Road, is…

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Needmore Ranch Seeks Giant Groundwater Pumping Permit

Needmore Ranch seeks giant groundwater pumping permit

CARD Urges Complete Evaluation and Public Meeting Just east of Wimberley along the Blanco River lies the 5,000 acre Needmore Ranch owned by McAllen businessman Greg LaMantia. This ranch made headlines in 2013 when the Texas Legislature approved a 4,000 acre Municipal Utility District (MUD) within its boundaries. A large part of the ranch lies within the newly expanded jurisdiction of the Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District (BSEACD). Mr. LaMantia (Needmore Water LLC) has made application to the BSEACD for…

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