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The Pedernales Electric Co-op is having its annual election. Attend the Annual Meeting this Saturday, June 22 at Horseshoe Bay Resort to cast your ballot in person (online and mail-in voting has ended). Remember- the PEC Board sets important policy and shapes the Hill Country, particularly when it comes to night skies and outdoor lighting. As always, voting is the only way to make sure your voice is heard! Access voting methods and instructions here 

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Plan To Dim Field Of Dreams Light Pollution

Plan to dim Field of Dreams light pollution

Following years of complaints from residents living near the Lake Travis Youth Association’s “Field of Dreams” about bright lights shining into their homes, the association has come up with a 10-year, $1.2 million plan that will address neighbors’ concerns while still allowing young athletes to use the fields in the evening. The sports complex at 13909 W. Texas 71 includes several baseball, softball and soccer fields on about 19.5 acres of land in Bee Cave. A combination of permanent and…

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Reduce Electricity Waste With Proper Outdoor Lighting

Reduce electricity waste with proper outdoor lighting

We all know the stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas. But keeping the night skies dark so we can continue to enjoy the stars requires some extra effort and mindfulness. Outdoor lighting has important applications, such as keeping our outdoor spaces safe and usable at night. But it can easily result in wasted energy that creates sky glow, dimming the starry night sky for everyone. This light, and the electricity used to create…

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The Flight Of The Texas Fireflies

The flight of the Texas fireflies

In a state with more than its share of biting, stinging, and creeping and crawling insects and arachnids with little or no charm to any but their own species, fireflies (or lightning bugs as they are variously known here) have long enjoyed a special place in our hearts, that rarest of varmints—a charismatic insect. To those of us who grew up in suburbia or out in the country in recent decades (or those who grew up in big cities long…

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Wren: Dark Skies Vital To Gaining Perspective

Wren: Dark skies vital to gaining perspective

Friday evening’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math Expo keynote speaker was William Wren, a distinguished and award-winning advocate for dark sky preservation. Wren has worked at the McDonald Observatory for 29 years and currently is the special assistant to the superintendent. The McDonald Observatory is part of the University of Texas system, located on Mount Locke and Mount Fowlkes in the Davis Mountains, 313 miles West of Uvalde. The 500-acre site sits beneath some of the darkest skies in…

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Inks Lake Park Intern Battles Light Pollution

Inks Lake Park intern battles light pollution

There was once a time in which every star in the sky could be seen at night. Our ancestors experienced an absolute absence of light once the sun set, and the twinkling black sky above was untouched; one could watch the stars twinkle from anywhere in the world. Today, much of the night sky is tainted by light pollution, and billions of people rarely have the chance to behold a sight as breathtaking as the Milky Way on a dark,…

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Going Dark To Reconnect To The Night Sky

Going dark to reconnect to the night sky

For those who missed it, Feb. 19 brought a super snow moon, the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year. Social media and national news sites lit up with spectacular photos of the event, with an unusually large full moon rising above the horizon. Although reminding us of the beauty of the night sky, similar events can also highlight the spread of light pollution, which dramatically limits celestial views and deprives us of those awe-inspiring encounters with the night sky.…

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Young Advocates Set Their Eyes On Tackling Light Pollution

Young advocates set their eyes on tackling light pollution

Earlier this month, the International Dark-Sky Association was contacted by a group of students  from Bioscience High School in Phoenix, Arizona. The group, Helping Achieve a Renewable Planet (H.A.R.P.), has been researching the subject of light pollution and is now looking to implement an intervention project in their community to help combat the issue. The students held a stakeholder meeting with IDA staff, IDA Phoenix chapter, and other dark sky advocates to learn more about the dark sky movement and…

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Devils River SNA Designated As First International Dark Sky Sanctuary In Texas, Sixth In World

Devils River SNA designated as first International Dark Sky Sanctuary in Texas, sixth in world

DEL RIO-- Devils River State Natural Area has been designated an International Dark Sky Sanctuary by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), making it the only Dark Sky Sanctuary in Texas. As the sixth International Dark Sky Sanctuary to receive the title, Devils River SNA is recognized as a one of the darkest and most ecologically fragile sites in the world. "We cannot be more thrilled about Devils River SNA's designation as the first International Dark Sky Sanctuary in Texas," says…

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Van Gogh’s Starry Night Reimagined As Amsterdam Light Festival Installation

Van Gogh’s Starry Night reimagined as Amsterdam Light Festival installation

Serbian artists Ivana Jelić and Pavle Petrović have reimagined Van Gogh's famous painting The Starry Night as an LED installation over the canals of Amsterdam, to highlight the issue of light pollution in urban areas. A series of 1,400 acrylic rods illuminated by small LED lights are used to emulate Van Gogh's impasto brushstrokes. The rods form a large-scale reproduction of a magnified section of the star-filled night sky featured in the renowned artwork. Located on a bridge at the intersection…

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