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Lawmakers Working To Create Special Districts To Fuel Boerne-area Growth

Lawmakers working to create special districts to fuel Boerne-area growth

Developers behind two large subdivisions proposed in Kendall County are asking the Legislature to create a pair of special districts to help finance construction of roads and other infrastructure. Some residents are upset over not being alerted earlier by state and local officials who knew of the legislation since the start of the year. Worries about new growth hastening the depletion of groundwater in Kendall County were tempered by word the developers are exploring out-of-county water sources rather than drilling…

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Conversations On Water Heating Up At 85th Legislative Session

Conversations on Water Heating up at 85th Legislative Session

We’ve been tracking the latest in water news from the pink dome in Austin. This compilation of some of the most recent developments include conversations around a Hays County ranch looking to skirt groundwater pumping restrictions, a proposed law that would ban developers from piping treated wastewater into streams that recharge the Edwards Aquifer, and a commentary on the importance of protecting our state's water resources. Bills that would impact a Hays County ranch hoping to skirt groundwater pumping restrictions: Water war boils back up:…

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Water Woes: Texas Lawmakers Must Protect Our Precious Streams, Creeks, Rivers And Watering Holes

Water woes: Texas lawmakers must protect our precious streams, creeks, rivers and watering holes

It's hard to imagine a Hill Country bereft of winding rivers, fast-running streams, lazy creeks and deep, green swimming holes. Where would Mystic, Waldemar and Flaming Arrow campers go to canoe, swim and lounge? If the Blanco River no longer traveled through its distinctive white limestone streambed, would tourists still flock to the city of Wimberly? Jacob's Well, the swimming hole on Cypress Creek northwest of Wimberly, has already stopped flowing twice in the past couple of years. Yet misguided…

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Austin Environmental Report: SH 45 SW Construction Could Harm Cave, Aquifer

Austin environmental report: SH 45 SW construction could harm cave, aquifer

The environment in Austin remains preserved and protected despite its tremendous growth over the past few decades, said Chuck Lesniak, the city’s environmental officer, in the annual State of Our Environment report published on Thursday. The city’s environmental policies often stand in contrast to the state’s and now the federal government’s as regulations begin to be rolled back, Lesniak’s foreword in the report states. “Austin has made environmental protection a community priority for well over 30 years,” he said. “That ongoing…

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Cities Unconvinced By Workman’s Groundwater Bill

Cities unconvinced by Workman’s groundwater bill

Though a bill has been filed by state Rep. Paul Workman (R-Austin) to create a groundwater conservation district in southwestern Travis County with the goal of monitoring and protecting the area’s supply of ground water, few stakeholders if any are satisfied with the shape and power of the proposed district . But the proposed Southwestern Travis County Groundwater Conservation District differs from the existing districts in some notable ways. While other groundwater districts provide for some exemptions for regulated wells,…

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Texas Water Symposium – Audio Streaming Available: Watershed Protection Programs In Texas

Texas Water Symposium – Audio Streaming Available: Watershed Protection Programs in Texas

The audio recording of the most recent Texas Water Symposium is now available on Texas Public Radio’s website, Experts in watershed protection planning convened on Thursday, February 24th at Texas State University in San Marcos to discuss the growing involvement of local stakeholders in watershed protection to improve and sustain the health of Texas springs, creeks, and rivers. “As more and more people move into our cities, pressure is mounting on the water resources that we used to take…

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BU And CGMF Collaborate On Innovative, Long-term Texas Water Management Project

BU and CGMF collaborate on innovative, long-term Texas water management project

Boston University's Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE) and the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation (CGMF) announced the funding and pursuit of a series of studies with the goal of assessing how siloed municipal water agencies in the state of Texas can transition to an Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) model. The structure would increase water use efficiency in urban environments, revitalize aging infrastructure, and preserve freshwater inflow to the major bays and estuaries along the Texas Gulf Coast. ISE's work…

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Texas Tribune Q&A With HCA’s Katherine Romans

Texas Tribune Q&A with HCA’s Katherine Romans

HCA Executive Director, Katherine Romans, discusses water issues facing our region in this week's Trib+Water Q&A. "The Hill Country is really a region of extremes, where it goes from serious droughts to catastrophic flooding in an incredibly short period of time. We’re also seeing increased population growth; it’s projected to double over the next 35 years or so. The biggest challenge is going to be keeping people aware of the limitations of water resources. It’s easy to engage the public…

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What Is The Future Of Water In Texas?

What is the Future of Water in Texas?

LISTEN: State Representative Lyle Larson from San Antonio joins Robert Puente, President and CEO of San Antonio Water System; Blair Calvert Fitzsimons, CEO of the Texas Agricultural Land Trust; and Meredith Miller, Senior Programs Coordinator for The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment to discuss the future of Texas water on TPR's The Source. As the state legislative session rolls on, water is never far off the agenda. State Representative Lyle Larson from San Antonio says water will be his…

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Conference Presentations From “Planning For Growth In Comal County”

Conference presentations from “Planning for Growth in Comal County”

Scientists, engineers, conservationist, and planners recently came together in New Braunfels for the two-day “Planning for Growth in Comal County” conference. The wide range of topics discussed included growth, public lands, watershed protection, and land conservation. Learn more about the conference here. View presentations from the conference here    

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