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Landowners, Aquifer Alliance Win Battle Over TCEQ Permit

Landowners, Aquifer Alliance win battle over TCEQ permit

Landowners in Comal County took a victory Tuesday in a long-running case against a state agency’s permit allowing a subdivision next door to release treated wastewater onto area land. The plaintiffs, including landowners and the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance, have argued Texas Commission on Environmental Quality approved a discharge permit that should not have been issued, and the treated wastewater poses a risk to the sensitive Edwards Aquifer, according to court records. The landowners and GEAA sued TCEQ in Travis…

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California Law Recognizes Meadows And Forests As Water Infrastructure

California Law Recognizes Meadows and Forests as Water Infrastructure

California’s vast water infrastructure is likely the most extensive in the world. It includes the tallest dam in the nation and enormous state and federal water projects that tap rivers flowing from as far away as Wyoming. On September 27th, Governor Brown signed legislation that recognizes the state’s watersheds as part of it’s infrastructure. Just as the state’s canals and levees need maintenance and repair, so do our rivers and watersheds. This bill opens the door to using modern infrastructure…

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Llano River Plan Gets Nod From EPA

Llano River plan gets nod from EPA

Because the Upper Llano River is a healthy ecosystem, the Environmental Protection Agency has accepted a watershed protection plan that will help address future declines in water quality and stream flow, according to a news release. The plan was accepted as it met the agency's national guidelines for watershed-based plans and effectively outlined a strategy to conserve and protect water quantity and quality in the watershed, according to plan developers. The Texas Water Resources Institute, part of the Texas A&M…

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Edwards Aquifer Authority Has Come A Long Way

Edwards Aquifer Authority has come a long way

The story of water and Texas starts here. San Antonio sits atop the Edwards Aquifer, one of the most abundant artesian aquifers in the world. It supplies water to more than 2 million people and thousands of farmers in the region. Spread underneath the land of South Central Texas, the Edwards charges the seven largest springs in the state and several major rivers, and is responsible for most of the state’s water fun. It is a miracle of our natural…

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Bankruptcy Sheds More Light On Abengoa’s Vista Ridge Dealings

Bankruptcy sheds more light on Abengoa’s Vista Ridge dealings

Spanish conglomerate Abengoa routed nearly $119 million in borrowed funds for the Vista Ridge pipeline project through a nonprofit water supply corporation, according to bankruptcy court filings. Exactly why that money was funneled through the nonprofit Central Texas Regional Water Supply Corp. is unclear. State law gives a nonprofit water supply corporation eminent domain authority, which could come in handy in building the controversial pipeline, which the San Antonio Water System hopes will provide the city with 20 percent of…

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State To Hear Flying L Versus Bandera County Water Case

State to hear Flying L versus Bandera County water case

“It is hard to spend tax dollars on lawyer’s fees…[but] when one property owner deems their rights supersede another property owner’s…local control is needed,” City of Bandera Mayor John Hegemier said, on the issue of the Flying L Guest Ranch versus the Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District. The Flying L is battling to have its original water permits, issued in 2001, restored to 2,096.82 acre-feet of water per year. Based on a permit rule approved two years ago…

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Water Forward: Planning For The Next 100 Years, August 3 In Austin

Water Forward: Planning for the Next 100 Years, August 3 in Austin

The next installment of the Imagine Austin Speaker Series will focus on developing a water plan to take us through the next century. Austin Water Director, Greg Meszaros and Integrated Water Resource Plan Community Task Force Chair and HCA board member, Sharlene Leurig will share insights on the process and the importance of creating an long-term plan that will help secure Austin’s water supply for future generations. Learn more

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Commentary: Let’s Base Hays County Water Policy On Science, Not Guesswork

Commentary: Let’s base Hays County water policy on science, not guesswork

Hays County Pct. 3 Commissioner Will Conley writes that he will ask the county judge and fellow commissioners to help fund an initiative to “develop the science and monitoring that we need to make informed decisions” about groundwater pumping from the Edwards and Trinity aquifers in Hays County.  "We are blessed in our community to have several different aquifers through Hays County. Every square foot of our county has some relation with these aquifers. These aquifers provide so much to…

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Goforth Water, EP Deal Moves Forward

Goforth water, EP deal moves forward

A move by Goforth Special Utility District (SUD) approving a second amendment to its water supply agreement with Electro Purification, LLC (EP) means the water supply company has a year to prove the quantity and quality of its water to Goforth. EP has to deliver a feasibility notice to the the SUD.   Goforth has leased water from EP, which is in the process of drilling test wells on an 18-acre tract of land in order to determine the quality…

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Nestlé Just Suffered a Major Defeat as Community Blocks Water Privatization

Hydrogeologist and spokesperson for Nestlé Waters North America, Eric Andreus, announced at a monthly township meeting in Kunkletown, Pennsylvania, last week that Nestlé had given up on its plans to pump 73 million gallons of water per year from the town’s local aquifer. Truth-out depicted the scene of the announcement: “The room erupted in cheers and for the first time since Nestlé began meeting with community members about the project, the company received a standing ovation.” The small town of Kunkletown, Pennsylvania,…

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