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We say “Imagine a day without water,” but in the future this could be a reality we face.

Did you know that the State Demographer estimates 250 people a day (yes, that’s every day!) move to the Hill Country?  Would it surprise you that none of them are bringing their own water? The state water plan projects a water deficit of 2,897,404,528,608 gallons by year 2070! 

In order to protect our economic vitality and unique ecology, HCA is working with other water user groups like your local utilities, groundwater districts, and others on the Texas State Water Plan in order to ensure that future deficits are met while protecting the Hill Country’s unique natural features.

Here are some other things in the works to ensure that future generations of Texans do not ever have to face a real day without water:

We ALSO rely on support from folks like you to make our work on the future of Texas water possible. You can support our efforts with a tax deductible donation. Donate today to help HCA’s efforts to ensure the Hill Country stays clean, clear, and flowing with water for everyone to drink and enjoy – both for us and for our grandchildren.

Imagine a Day Without Water is part of a national movement led by The Value of Water Campaign and supported by more than 1,000 organizations – including the Hill Country Alliance.

Imagine a Day Without Water began in 2015 as a project of The Value of Water Campaign. In 2018, more than 1,000 organizations signed up to participate in the annual day of advocacy and education. The Value of Water Campaign educates and inspires the nation about how water is essential, invaluable, and in need of investment. Spearheaded by top leaders in the water industry, the Value of Water Campaign is building public and political will for investment in America’s water infrastructure. You can follow the conversation on social media at #ValueWater