October 2020 is our inaugural, month-long celebration of the region’s most dazzling night-time feature — the star-twinkling, planet-glowing, comet-crossing night sky — where beauty and wonder abound.

Celebrate the Night Sky with us this October!

The first annual Hill Country Night Sky Month, October 2020, is a celebration of our region’s night skies and of the hard work that Hill Country communities do to preserve it.

So many ways to celebrate!

We’re here for you!

The Hill Country Night Skies team is here to help you learn about the impacts of light pollution and what steps you can take to preserve our Hill Country night skies.

Hill Country Night Sky Month is made possible through the generous contributions of our sponsors, who understand that Hill Country night skies are a valuable resource worth celebrating and protecting. Interested in supporting Hill Country Night Sky Month? Sponsorship opportunities for both corporate and individual giving are available on a variety of levels. Become a sponsor today!

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Hill Country Night Sky Month is a Hill Country Alliance event.

The Hill Country Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to raise public awareness and build community support around the need to preserve the natural resources and heritage of the Central Texas Hill Country.